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SEO Audit Tools for Practitioners


Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, the offers a whole cluster of search performance metrics directly from the horse’s mouth. So much so that you can even go way back in time and identify SEO issues from more than 16 months of data.

Google Search Console features 

  • Monitors, tests, and tracks your AMP pages.
  • Proves crawl stats directly from Googlebot.
  • Highlights failed attempts at indexing, and pages with 404 or 500 errors.
  • Offers a content keywords tool for analyzing your keyword performance.
  • Helps you understand how well your keywords.
  • Reveals all the pages have been indexed by Google.
  • Generates customized audit reports.
  • Sends email alerts immediately Google identifies issues on your site.
  • Reviews your index coverage.
  • Provides info on queries that bring traffic to your site.
  • Covers user experience issues.

SEMrush : SEMrush has grown to become one of the leading veterans in the SEO Domain.

It now comes as an all-in-one digital marketing suite that packs more than 40 intel tools – specializing in keyword research, competitor intelligence, paid ad research, content optimization, rank tracking, and social media monitoring.

For More Details Visit : https://semrush.com/


DeepCrawl is a website crawler that provides granular data and metrics on your site’s technical health. It’s especially handy when you need to spy on your competitors, enhance your site’s overall user experience, assess your site’s architecture, migrate your SEO settings, and redeem yourself from Google Panda’s penalties.

DeepCrawl achieves all that by testing XML sitemaps, keeping tabs on your SEO progress history, as well as reviewing your canonical tags, content quality, meta descriptions, page titles, and meta headers.


  • Examines the technical health of your pages.
  • Allows you to define custom scripts in the crawl setup.
  • Extracts your site’s breadcrumbs and schema.
  • Conducts special audits of eCommerce product pages.
  • Detects missing image alt tags.
  • Pulls 16 month’s worth of Search Analytics data from Google Search Console.
  • Provides backlink metrics for your URLs
  • Crawl the rendered version of pages.



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